By Ikechukwu Odoh
The Chef

Oh yes, I mean literally.

I tried to understand the reason why anybody would want to chop off his 'little guy', spice it, cook it and serve it...oh and let's not forget the people who wanted to have a taste, the five 'lucky' ones who actually paid $250 to eat the prepared genitals (something screams cannibalism in me)

Mao Suigayama. Born a male, but somehow wants to be considered asexual/agender(hope that's a word).

The Severed Member

I am sure there are better ways to go about not wanting to be identified as a particular sex, but cooking and serving your genitals??...eww!!

The highly respected chef had surgeons (more like butchers) remove his male organs and went on twitter to announce he would be serving the severed organ for dinner.

Leave it to the Japanese to obey such a clarion call. 70 people showed up on the D-day, buy only 5 people paid the money and were treated to the cuisine (yeah baff...I did too).

I am sure you want to know what it tasted like (I was curious too). The people who had the 'privilege' said the penis tasted like rubber, while the scrotum was leathery. Hmmm...

And in case you are wondering (like I was) if there are a million things wrong with the act, well the Japanese authorities could do nothing as it claimed Mao has done no wrong, since there is no law against what he did.

Hope you have a good stomach, I am warning you, these pictures are not for the feeble minded...Enjoy!!!

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