When the organisers of this year’s Big Brother Stargame show selected Nigeria’s Goldie and Kenya’s Prezzo to represent their countries, they probably selected them because they thought their individual characters would spice up the events in the house while the show lasted.
However, things seem to have taken an interesting turn, as the duo are about to make real their love affair while in the house.

The Nigerian singer is right now on a mission to get back her lost love. She reportedly flew into Kenya on the night of Saturday, September, 14, 2012, and was welcomed at the airport by former housemate, Millicent Mugadei and Prezzo, who embraced her before they both zoomed off in his silver Mercedes E class.

Meanwhile, before leaving the country, Goldie gave people the impression she was going on a business trip, and stated her intention to visit a few other Stargame housemates. Prezzo had a short stay in Nigeria last month, during which he told press men he was ready to marry her, should she allow him. ‘I haven’t spoken to Goldie since I came and I am actually here because I need to see her’ he said.

During their time in the house, the duo had a love affair that was, for a long time, a hot topic on social media until Goldie’s eviction on Sunday, July 15, 2012. Prezzo however made it to the finals and came out second, following Keagan Petersen, who was declared winner.

Source: NET

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