Ikechukwu aka International Killz (CEO and Founder of World Famous Akademy) is back with a new single titled B.A.D.A (Born Alone Die Alone). He recently released the Love me Tonite single and video which has got great reviews so far. B.A.D.A is produced by Babyfresh. With this track, Ikechukwu shows that he’s still the ‘Killz’ his fans grew to Love, the one who always delivers pure and undiluted Hiphop. He didn’t fail to bring in the Ibo and English blend just like we saw on Bu Lie Oto and Love me Tonite. Ikechukwu’s says B.A.D.A isn’t his last single yet and when asked what his fans should expect from his next album he said; ‘They should expect to get the best of Ikechukwu they have received so far. Commercially for the clubs and pure hiphop for the rap heads, it will be a balance of both.’ The talented rapper has been busy with his album project, the growth of WFA and projects of the other WFA artistes (Uzikwendu and Peter Clarke). His upcoming album which consists of tracks like Bu Lie Oto, Love me Tonite, Ifeoma and now B.A.D.A is set to be released next year. The video for B.A.D.A is set to drop in less than 3 weeks.

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