Agboola Aluko otherwise known as SAUNKEYS is  a writer,producer and  Artist.
He grew up in Ilorin ,Kwara state but he is actually  from Ilesha Osun state.
Kolesheshe is a Yoruba word meaning,Impossibility.He explained in his own word that kolesheshe is just his way of saying no i can do it.

"Kolesheshe is  just a way of expressing myself.People want you to do things in a certain way and if you ain't doing that they just wanna see you fail. I have seen a lot and i try as much as possible to reflect that in my music wherever i go or wherever i am.Music to me is like my own way of expressing myself,so Kolesheshe is just my way of speaking against all the rubbish some people said.Its my way of telling them i won't just fail"

The song is obviously massive and its definitely a food for thought,We shall be bringing you more materials from him in the future.

Press play,download and share your thought!!!!


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