By Jenim Dibie

I cry, I cry, I cry
Tonight I do not lie
Tonight I do not fight
To be a man and hold it inside
I do not die but I do die
With each passing stab
With every walking away
With every summer soiled rain
That ruins my imperfect day
I try, I try, I try
To turn my world downside up
To keep me in your mind
No, not your memory hind
But you see me yet are blind
That though I be one of a kind
The sea be filled with finer fishes u can find
I swim as fast as I can into your net
Yet I drown and down I drown
I do try to succeed, but yeah do fail
I crawl, I walk, I run, then fall hard
Can’t fly, you’ll soon find why
Start again and complete the circle
I try to delete the byes from all
Who tried to love me
To drown my river in the world’s ocean
I pry, I pry, I pry
How do you live your life?
How do I talk to Him and get an answer?
What do I fill this hollow being with?
I wanna know dear stranger
That I may live as men ought to
For I search for death more than life
My mind’s splitting from my life
Taking a walk with my heart on the numb, numb side
Hoping someday to fly on the wild, wild side
Why, why, why
Do things never work out for me
Can’t you love me
Don’t you love me
Won’t you love me
Do I drive everyone away
Do I hurt this way
Do I feel…why do I feel?
Lie, lie, lie
With each extra-grinned smile that reveal a dimple
With each try again, and winner’s quote:
Quitters never win, winners never quit
Didn’t quit, didn’t win, just taking a swim
With each mask behind each write
You write about you? Right. Lie.
We’ll never know
Truth please set this bird free
Caged by lies and guilt and wounds and what?
Born without wings
Lay a while with me before you fly
Before you own your sky
And shine your stars
Dry, dry, dry
My well’s getting empty
No strength to draw the empty water
No glory in perfection’s search
No light inside no more
No guts, no glory, more folly
More lonely, more, please no more
Bye, bye, bye
My last breath will be my happiest
Happiness, my happiest concept
My never experience
The sea is rising, the tides are high
My life was here, do you know it?
Did it touch you? Did it hurt you?
I’m sorry. For all I am. For all I’ve been.
For not knowing…how to live.
I cry, I cry, I cry
Crystallize my tears, frame my fears
And always keep me in mind
No, not your memory’s hind
I am, was made for a reason
Till reason finds reason and finds me
Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

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