Again is about aching love, loving someone who's not right for you, who hurts you, you wanna let go but you can't, so you let him/her in again, and the cycle continues. Each time he/she leaves your heart is broken all over...again.

About Jenim:

Jenim Dibie describes herself as a "Poet. Lonely Genius. Rockhead" but shes much more than that.

"The raining season is my fav season of the year, it started raining while I was at work last March, even though I had stopped writing, I always carried a pen and a book. The very first poem that brought me back is called RAIN. I didn't know it was a poem or that I was good, I posted it on facebook and everyone was like "whoa!" lots of accolades was amazed, didn't want my head to grow too big so I quickly wrote another one which is the second and one of my favs: THE CALLIGRAPHY OF GOD". It blew me. I saw I was making an impact: healing and inspiring and motivating. Couldn't stop since then."

She has written 90 poems since March 2011 till date.

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A raining night
Silent noise
Whispering loudness
Words born from sealed lips
Bleeding blood
Walk toward me...again
A weeping sky
Noisy silence
Loud whisper
Words killed by moving lips
Blood bleeding
Walk away from me...again
Blind eye, a touch from eternity
Red cheeks, a slap from reality
A twinkling star
Music to my ears
Handkerchief to my tears
Beauty for my eyes
Sorrow for my byes
I don't love you...again
A ticking time
An ear for music
Tears in my handkerchief
Eyes for my beauty
Goodbye in my sorrow
I want to love you...again. 

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