YDX and Clones present:
September Most anticipated Event:


Date: Sept 29th, 2012
Time: 12noon-12mid night

 Much fun, much booze(coke smirnoff mcdowell farouz, calypso etc),

Two-In-One Event:

1.      Beach party to include activities  like soccer beach. volleyball, watergun, paintball and many many more.
Gifts prizes for the day include 4 blackerrys, 2 ipads and 6psp, iphone and mp3players every hour all day on the beach...

2.      Followed by the UV(ultra violet) and glow in d dark party From 6pm. Body paints.. cup, sticks, glasses, bracelets etc. Celebs appearances and lots of free FREE DRINKS

Gate Fee: 2k only...

Add 323D750B For more enquiries and sponsorship proposals.

Media partners include BEATFM and SOUNDCITY.

Nuff said

Proudly Supported by: JustSaying Media (http://jstsaying.com). we only go for the best....

You have no reason to miss this.
See you there!!!

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