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A Nigerian recipe made from beans and plantain. Beans & Plantain are an amazing combination… Plantains are a type of banana that contains less sugar than the common yellow banana. They are prepared similarly to vegetables being either fried or cooked. They are not suitable for eating raw unless they are very ripe. Plantains are low in sodium and high in vitamin A, potassium, and fibre. Plantain is good for heart and helps prevent hypertension and heart attack. Beans are also rich in fiber and high-potassium and help reduce blood pressure.


1. 1 milk tin of Brown Beans
2. Fresh yellow peppers-grinded
3. Dry Crayfish-powdered
4. Palm oil
5. Maggi Crayfish or any other stockcubes
6. Onions-The more the yummier!
7. Fresh shrimps(Optional)
8. Water
9. Ripe but firm Plantain
10. Vegetable oil
11. Salt to taste


1. Pick stones and shells off the beans if you find any. Pour into a plastic bowl and fill with water. Rinse off sand and any funny particles. Scoop beans out of the water and into a pot.

2. Add water to cover the top of the beans. Dice in a bulb of onions and set to boil till the beans is soft and cooked.

3. Set another pot on heat. Add Palmoil, yellow pepper and crayfish. Allow to fry. Pour in the beans. Crush in your Maggi cubes and stir. Add some water. Stir. Allow to boil again. Then, cut in another big bulb of onions, pour in your fresh shrimps and allow to boil till the beans thickens.

4. Slice your Plantain. Salt it slightly. Set your vegetable oil to heat and fry the plantain until golden brown.

Serve hot with your beans! Voila!

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