Some of you may remember the face, but I bet many more remember the voice and the song "Always Pray for You". We were just as smitten as the rest of Nigeria by the lyrics of the song and the vocal range of this young talent; so smitten, we had to sign him.

Chocolate City is proud to present to you its newest member, NOSA. Nosa Shadrax Omoregie hails from Benin in Edo State. He began his journey into the world of music at the tender of age of 7. With age he moved up to writing rap lyrics and immersing himself in popular culture. But he was restless. He was aware of his talent but hadn't found a satisfying channel until he found his spirituality. Joining the choir, rap was transformed into fluid melody and substance and he soon began producing and composing pieces. Nosa flourished. Driven by his spirituality, his talent found its purpose in inspiring his audience with words of hope and promoting awareness to incite change. 

Even as a devoted and full-time (Christian) Minister, his message has not changed. In celebration of Nigeria’s 52 tumultuous years post-independence, Chocolate City presents to you N-I-G-E-R-I-A – a song written, produced and arranged by Nosa.


“I didn't want to address what others address in their songs. The bad roads, poor power supply, e.t.c. are not the problem of the country; it is the wrong mindset, [and] low level of patriotism. It is a systematic problem whereby everyone is involved, whether directly or indirectly. Bad citizenry can never produce good leadership. So this song was [written to] buttress my hope in a better Nigeria, which will come through a new mindset and [a] new attitude. - NOSA Nosa is a breath of fresh air in the Nigerian Music scene. He writes to inspire, and that we are. Be sure to watch his progress because there's more where this came from.

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