Ogocha Grace Ada aka "sugarlips"is a graduate of computer science from the University of Port-har court. She hails from river state, sugarlips started singing as a kid in church like all musical legends and decided to go professional in 2010.A prolific song writer,as she writes all her songs. she decided to sing more in soul to showcase her feminine side, that’s not to say that her prowess in RnB,soul,pop and raga is not also on point.

While in service for her country(NYSC)she won "Miss camp idol"in 2012 this is a singing and dancing competition for corp members.Also she models and has been doing so since 2009,this goes to show how much of an all rounder this diva has matured into, that's why she terms herself as an all rounder in entertainment.

Her new single SE WA FEMI,is just a track from her forthcoming album "drama princess", sugarlips has a knack for everything entertainment and is willing to do it. Put some sugar on your lips as u enjoy sultry music from the lips of "sugarlips"

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