Hi, my name is Kimberly, and no, I'm not a prostitute...sometimes I think to myself "wherever my parents got that name from anyway".  Its not like that's how posh we are, but I must say the name helps me a lot, you know when your friends are introducing themselves as ;Tola, Chioma, Aisha and you come and say Kimberly, it generates a certain level of interest in this our Lagos.   My friends call me Kim,  I like to think I've got Kimora Lee Simmons' eyes and Kim Kardashian's body (only that I'm taller than her...full option, innit?), but like I said, I like to think so I make all these things up in my head. That's not to say I'm not prettier than them though.  what did you just say? Its nice to meet you too, Lol.

Now I know a lot of you that went to glorified secondary schools (like Babcock, CU, Bowen and the likes) who didn't have a proper university experience may not be able to relate with this gist naturally but really, things like this are what makes you say that the school passed through you. (You can twist and turn your nose all you like...I earn the same salary with graduates from your school so suck it up and deal with it! *rollingmyeyes*)

It was common practice in school that time to runs (sort your lecturer and re-write your exams privately or automatically get scores you didn't earn) courses you weren't sure of or you had lecturers you know you had to sort to pass their courses. Now, you couldn't runs all courses in my own department...let's say you can hear about 1 course available for runs out of 8 courses and it would be coded and expensive.

A lot of people who don't know me naturally expect me to be dumb because I was hawt!(Which in my own dictionary means I'm beautiful, fashionable, was popular and liked partying) but in my quiet time when everyone was asleep I always carried by books and read them simply because my mother was a school teacher and was raising five of us single-handedly which should tell you (if you're as smart as I am anyways) that I was sent to school with 'owo cooperative' (which means loans gotten from teachers' cooperative societies) so I knew I there was no two ways about it, I had to read and I had to pass whilst still being the big girl that I am and exhibiting my royal hawtness (winks).

I kept trying to strike a balance in my social and academic life which wasn't an easy task in a school like mine because we had more social activities. You could choose not to go for lectures the whole semester and no one would query you, I remember having friends that didn't even know their course titles let alone have the course outline. Imagine someone going to write exams in the morning and is asking you what paper she was writing in the next 45 minutes, it was that bad.

So by the time I finished my third year, my GP was trending on a2:2
 but there was hope that if I did well in my final year I could still make a rather weak 2:1 ( now who cares whether its weak or strong? A 2:1 is a 2:1 joh). We had to take four compulsory courses and then two optional ones. Now for me to graduate honourably with my 2:2, I didn't have to take any optional course, I would have been fine with my four compulsory courses without sweat.

But the devil sought to use me when it was almost time for exams, I looked through the list of elective courses and then I chose one that I thought was very easy to cram and spill just so I could boost my GP and come out with a 2:1 (now I'm wondering what the whole 2:1 craze was about sef, hiss).

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