T9ice [real name - Anieteie Dennis Akpan] was born on the 3rd day of November, 1991. He hails from Adie Nsite L.G.A, Akwa-Ibom Nigeria, and is one to be classified as a born singer and a dynamic song-writer; his vocal skills are to be classified as world class combined, with his craftsmanship.
T9ice serves us 2 singles as his official debut effort on the Nigerian music scene prior to his recent work with fellow label-mate [Mr. ChopChop] on a track titled “Kilonshele” which dropped a while back. Under the supreme management of TommixMusic Record Label and the excellent production work coming from Unique Sound, who’s in charge of the mixing and mastering of these songs, T9ice delivers to us “Loyal & Honest” and “Do Do Do”; these are 2 songs with an edge, more or less a break from the norm.
T9ice, on “Loyal & Honest” renders a perfect introduction of himself on to the Nigerian music industry; making the promise of delivering nothing short of good music. His vocal prowess is evident on this very track as he effortlessly delivers on the 265 seconds long track on an instrumental that’s properly laced and arranged by Unique Sound [an official producer for the TommixMusic Record Label].
On his second track which he aptly titles “Do Do Do”, T9ice decides to deliver something for the commercial sector of the Nigerian music scene; this is one track which heads straight to the clubs with scintillating drum patterns as arranged again by Unique Sound. It is of note that the TommixMusic Record Label is based in Madrid, Spain and this particular track is already rocking the Spanish waves as DJs have rendered various versions for this track.
With these 2 tracks, T9ice is ready to stay on the Nigerian music scene as he sure proves to be a good artiste; a singer and exceptional song-writer in this case. Listen up and share your thoughts on this new act by the name T9ice. | ENJOY!!!



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