Lazy Appetite is Nigeria’s pioneering food delivery portal. We like to think of it as a “grub-hub”. Lazy Appetite connects you to the best restaurants, pizza houses and fast-food outlets serving your location; further bridging the gap between you and your food. We asked ourselves; why should you have to leave your house (in our case, desks) just to get food from that fabulous restaurant?

We are going beyond bringing your favourite restaurants online, as we also give you the opportunity to tell people about your experience with various restaurants and recommend meals to friends.
With Lazy Appetite you can easily order your favorite meals from a wide range of restaurants, eateries, pizza-houses and so on and have it delivered to your doorstep in good time. Customers can find the best restaurants close to their current location, browse through their menu selection and order directly on our site from a growing array of our partner restaurants.

Thinking why you need to subscribe to Lazy Appetite? Well, for one, the world is going online, and we are not going to be left behind. The internet is becoming part of our everyday life and soon making calls for delivery will be obsolete. Think of the variety at your finger tips, not to mention convenience. Don't worry about your orders not going through because we have thought it through and implemented a well designed system - including redundancy and verification system to take care of speed, comfort, and reliability.

For restaurant owners, here’s why you should join Lazy Appetite: We not only make your current customers get to you and place orders easily, it allows them become advocates who recommend your meals and service to other people – that’s more sales for you. You are happy. We are happy. You also get reviews from a community of people. Now, you can aim for the skies as regards quality and customer satisfaction.

Join the Lazy Appetite community of foodies on Facebook and Twitter, and start to experience meals in a whole new way.  Subscribe to our mail list to get updates on new addition of restaurants, events, features on the website, deals and offers, even sports fixtures that you don’t want to miss.

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