The 2012 edition of the LAGOS COMIC-CON seminar, conference, and expo is scheduled to hold on the 17th of November starting at 8am. The event is a one-day affair that will run until 8p.m in the evening at the AQUATIC HOTELS (WATERPARKS), Toyin Str. Ikeja, Lagos.

This event is a collection of various smaller events that range from seminars to workshops to simple discussions with known personalities. It is a gathering of creative talents in the entertainment industry, specifically the comic industry to discuss issues that are pertinent to the growth of that industry. It also serves as a platform where ideas as well as the latest technology and concepts in the industry can be exchanged amongst professionals.  As much as 2000 transit visitors and 450 registered seminar attendees are expected at the event as well as students from various schools within the environment.

The conference is divided into 2 sessions, the EXHIBITION (Trade Fair) SEGMENT and the SPECIAL SYNDICATED SESSIONS. The Trade Fair Session is free to attend while the Syndicated sessions cost N1, 000 for a one hour session. There will be about 20 sessions holding at two different Halls simultaneously.

The OBJECTIVES of the event is to give Nigerian comics and creative entertainment a voice internationally, to create a platform where comic publishers and readers can meet each other and interact and to create an annual excitement for comics,
The program is focused on people between the ages of 13-40 years.

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