If talent, intertwined with confidence and swag can simply be defined with a name; ICE AGE fits perfectly.  AKA the LegenDerry Boi, Ice Age began his musical career from the early age of 6. He started from Love world kiddies’ academy (a group for kids in his church) where he displayed exceptional skills from a tender age. When he was just 14 he formed a group with childhood friend REM-I and they became DEM BOIZ. Under tutelage of “the Rabbi”, Ice Age in Peaceville Academy developed his skills and later started his musical career professionally in 2010. He is presently signed on to HITMEN entertainment. Charming and suave, Ice Age sells confidence with skills almost as easy as he gets the attention of the opposite sex. Rapper, singer, songwriter; Ice age is a wad of talent   
Born Derry Hans, IceAge is from Imo state, owerri, ogua. He was born in the city of Jos, into a family of three. Asides drake, lil’ wayne, jayz, musical influences include his father; who use to be a big Dj back in the day. 


Calm, creative and charming E’Gar Boi, is a moving home of talent. Started in his father’s church as early as 11years old as a vital member of the church choir playing musical instruments such as the keyboard and the drums. E’Gar Boi’s exceptional vocal skills separated him from the lot. His Bruno Mars meet ASA feel makes him a unique artiste. E’Gar Boi is from Delta state, Ozoro and he was born in Lagos into a family of 6. Currently signed on to Hitmen Entertainment, E’gar Boi with two banging singles African “princess” and “DANCE” is set to take this generation by storm. 

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