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Emma Nyra is a young artist from Texas whose parents both hail from Delta State, Asaba. When this fast-rising Houston-based artiste decided to relocate to Lagos - Nigeria in order to further pursue her career, she made a vital decision for her future within the music industry. Set on taking over a vastly female deprived market, she soon met her manager, Ubi Franklin of Made Men Management, who guided her moves with his experience in the industry. It was through this exposure that Nyra was able to gain widespread familiarity and she has been working non-stop ever since!Emma Nyra has been garnering more experience through platforms such as the “Iyanya and Friends Tour”, which traveled to over 12 major cities in Nigeria, and featured other fast-rising artistes such as FlowssickRayce, and Mr. 2kay. Nyra has also been working on brand new features and vocal work for artistes such as Iyanya’s “Ur Waist”, Iceberg Slims “Ayanfe”, plus new singles with General PypeDurella and many more. For now, Emma Nyra returns with the release of her blazing love ballads “Ori Mi Wu” which is a fast paced love song you can dance to, as well as her remix to ‘’Everything I Do” which features Iyanya. Both songs were produced, mixed and mastered by D'Tunes, the mastermind behind “Kukere”. There is much more in store from this sultry songstress who proves that the music Industry has one more female who's not afraid to take it to the next level. | ENJOY!!!

Shayo Grass
Hi Emma Nyra
Emma NyraHello :D
Shayo GrassThank u so much for your time. I'm sure your fans would agree with me, I can't wait to know more about you, we've been hearing your name a lot with Iyanya's “Ur Waist” and the video too, it’s pretty awesome that this opportunity is here.
Emma NyraThank you! ;;)
Shayo GrassSo first of all, how long has music been a passion of yours?
Emma NyraEver since I was around 4 years old, I can remember always having a passion for music; a very deep, very special connection.
Shayo GrassWhat sparked it?
Emma NyraIt’s in my blood actually. My mom’s father was in a band and played the guitar and other various instruments. My own father was a DJ and my parents are both avid music collectors so they influenced me.
Shayo GrassWow...no wonder - lol
Emma NyraYesso!
Shayo GrassWhat gave you the confidence to launch fully into music?
Emma NyraMy parents encouraged me to get my degree before I ventured into entertainment, so as soon as I got my degree in Health Administration in 2010 [Texas Southern University], I launched into singing, acting and modelling.
Shayo GrassOri Mi Wu” - beautiful track, love song AND a dance number, what inspired it?
Emma NyraIt was inspired by a boy of course ;;) but I also wanted to make a love song you could bang in the club.
Shayo GrassHmmm, makes perfect sense...  So how did you get noticed?
Emma NyraI’ve opened up for different artistes such as Fally Ipupa, Iyanya, P-Square, 2face Idibia, Kelly Hansome and others which helped with my stage presence as well as getting me noticed. I’ve also done 2 Nollywood movies which really launched my career and helped to make my face more recognizable.
Shayo GrassOh! Which ones?
Emma NyraI did “Rebound” with Desmond Elliot, Uche Jumbo, and Van Vicker which was shot in Houston, TX. Then I did “Keep My Dream” with Ini Edo which was shot in Maryland.
Shayo GrassMultitalented! VERY rare!!! What is it like on the underground music scene in Texas, as compared to Lagos?
Emma NyraThere are so many underground artistes not only Texas but America in general. Sometimes, it’s more difficult for their voices to be heard. The underground scene in Lagos is booming and their voices are readily heard!
Shayo GrassWhy do you think that is?
Emma NyraIn my opinion, I feel as though Lagos is raw and the talent is heard and felt. That’s why so many people are moving to Nigeria.
Shayo GrassTrue... In the Nigerian music industry, who inspires you the most?
Emma NyraThe richness of Omawumi’s voice, Tiwa Savage’s style and the depth of Waje’s voice.
Shayo GrassHaba, no male idols?
Emma NyraOf course! I admire General Pype, Don Jazzy, and Wande Coal is my favorite artiste.
Shayo GrassLol, I agree with you on Don Jazzy, dude's a genius!!! So where do you see Emma Nyra in 5 years?
Emma NyraIn 5 years, I will be at the top of the charts with a clothing line, international recognition and some awards under my belt in Jesus name! :D
Shayo GrassAMEN!!! Before I throw the last question at you, can I just slip one in?
Emma Nyra:Sure sure!!!
Shayo GrassEmma Nyra”; how did that name come about?
Emma NyraNyra = Naira. So they used to call me E. Money in Uni., and Emma Nyra just stuck
Shayo GrassLoL, it’s quite creative sha
Emma NyraThanks dearie
Shayo GrassWhat advice would you give to upcoming artistes who are trying to break into the industry successfully like you have?
Emma NyraI would tell them to make sure they work out a path for themselves! Never stop shaping your craft because the industry is constantly changing. And lastly, never do it for the fame or the name, but do it for the love of the game.
Shayo Grass#Inspiration. Wow, THANK YOU sooooo much, Miss Emma. You've been amazing.
Emma Nyra({}) thank you for the opportunity love!
Shayo GrassMy pleasure!!!

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