Over the years, Nigeria’s educational system has experienced a steady decline in the quality of education being delivered to its student populace. The reason is not too hard to figure out. The educational sector is terribly underfunded. There have been cries and protests over the current state of affairs in our schools and I am sure that there will still be more. Education, no sorry, a SOUND education is very key to national development both now and in the distant future. It is very obvious that a drastic change needs to occur real fast if we hope to save the system from total collapse.
The “UZO GOES TO SCHOOL” project is an initiative of STRONG VOICE MEDIA headed by UZO of WazobiaFM. This project is targeted at helping to improve both the learning and working conditions of the pupils and teachers in government-owned schools. A lot of parents enroll their wards in private schools for reasons such as better infrastructure, good teachers, better learning environment and many other reasons. However, a whole lot more parents cannot afford the fees charged by the private schools. “UZO GOES TO SCHOOL” intends to:

Ø  Help create a better learning environment in government owned schools,
Ø  Encourage the parents to be more participatory in school activities,
Ø  Help build better future leaders and a better society and to
Ø  Promote basic health care and proper hygiene within the school environment.

The maiden edition and launch of “UZO GOES TO SCHOOL” shall be on the 1st Dec, 2012 at Oore Ofe Primary School, Ojo bus stop off Liasu road, Idimu-Ikotun Egbe, Alimosho LGA, Lagos . This happens to be the primary school I attended and as the saying goes, “Charity begins at home”.
Uzo had earlier gone to the school to make enquiries about what the needs of the school are. The school definitely needs more! Listed below are the items needed for the Launch / flag-off of the project:

Marker boards and markers, Furniture(Tables and chairs for both teachers and pupils), Toilet renovation(Tiles, Paint, Toilet seats, etc), Water supply(Water pump for the well) and Electricity , First Aid box, Drugs and toiletries.

Names of donors will constantly be updated on my blog and other social network media. To achieve the aims of this project, I and the members of my team arrived at a costing of five hundred thousand naira (N500, 000). After the maiden edition, “UZO GOES TO SCHOOL” intends to visit and rehabilitate two public schools every year in the same manner.
Adequate documentation and an update of fund dispensation and work progress shall be made available to members of the public on my blog and other social network media (twitter and face book).    At the launching, there will be an unveiling of the work done so far before members of the general public. You are all invited!        
On a final note, we can't do this alone. we need your support in every way possible (morally, physically, spiritually and most of all, financially)! we know that times are hard, but please give whatever you can to help make a difference in the lives of the little ones we call our future. God Almighty will surely bless you as you do so. 

FOR ENQUIRIES AND MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL 08139266413, 07055748093 OR LOG ON TO www.uzowazobiafm.blogspot.com

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