Its the Christmas Season!!! The most popular and most important Holiday season of the whole year the world over, and These guys came up with the idea of making a song for the season, and they did not stop at that, they also shot a very good video for it!

The song is actually groovey, enjoyable & Infectious, and i bet it'll have you nodding your head before you get to the end of the song/Video (depending on which you're bumping). The video is simple but very lovely! They are all Solo artistes but they came together to do justice to the beat and i must say, they all did very well and complimented each other on this one, kudos to them.

Thumbs up to Kris, CeeBoi, D'Ace, BigJ5, Kronik & Spyrophreeze for this lovely tune! I see superstars in the making in each of them! Bump this tune and I am certain you will share my sentiments.

Hit d download buttons and have some fun! Good Music! Thank me later.

Produced, Mixed and mastered by Kris, Video Shot, Directed & Edited By Kronik.



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