Serengeti Rapper returns with a surprise called MARVIN'S ROOM(a drake cover).the rapper who rose to critical acclaim after finishing in d top three at d beat fm cypher and droppin a hot mixtape version of STAY SCHEMING blindsides us this time around.On this track,he tells the tale of an ex who seemingly keeps coming back to him cos of his good loving.

Fatboi is very explicit in his story telling on dis personal favourite lines being 'Cold wine,Hot sex.Fuck dat P***y till u cry like u upest'.a whole lotta other fire lines on d track.dude has definitely got genuine skill.dope track by any standards and he is definitely exportable.Incase u still puzzled as to who Fatboi is he's labelmate to the 'LAMBA KING' Hakym The Dream.

Heard 'Miracle' Hakym's new single? 'All of a sudden Fatboi e,all of a sudden Fatboi e'.yea dats him.


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