Promising music artist, King Oogbodo, has thoroughly lashed Nigeria in his latest song, Inu N Bi Mi. According to him, Inu N Bi Mi is a no-holds-barred attack on the deplorable situation in the country “because things are getting worse by the day and if we musicians don’t expose the wrongs in the country, we won’t move forward.

“It’s time for us to face the reality which is that Nigeria is not a good country and I don’t beat about the bush about that in Inu N Bi Mi. Without mincing words, I expose the terrible condition of Nigeria and especially the wickedness of our leaders. Hypocrites and sycophants might not like it but the masses definitely will.”

It wasn’t only Nigeria and its leaders that he lashed in the song, though, going by his disclosure. “I also took time out to lash traders, teachers, expatriates in Nigeria, craftsmen, the NYSC and the terrorists. These are all people who are contributing negatively to the nation so I let them know of their wrong ways through Inu N Bi Mi.”

He however added that “though there are many more people for me to actually lash with my acid tongue but I can’t lash everyone in just one song so I lashed all those I could and I’m reserving my whipping lash for the others later.”

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