Having previously released 4 singles through the course of the year 2012 ["Red Wine [D.A.N.C.E]", "Ise Ti Yato", "Survivor" and "I.J.O.Y.A"] all of which were Nigerian/Ghanaian collaborations, Lil' Dizzie [real name - Opatundun Femi] returns with another song titled "Life vrs. Pain [Ghetto Soldier]" to close the year up. The hardworking Nigerian artiste has worked mostly with Ghanaian artistes/producers [Dr. Spooky, Olodo, Kay-G Vybz, e.t.c.] and this new single features Olodo, a Ghanaian artiste as well on a beat properly laced by Dr. Spooky of the 989 Studio.

Lil' Dizzie, who is known for more rhymes than punch-lines is back with another conscious tune, strictly for the hood; a song about his hustle, struggle and also, a song dedicated to his fallen soldiers [Wale Lawal, Tayo Olajide & Tele - R.I.P.]. With a unique style brewing up difference in his own path and the sublime vocals of the dreadlock-Ghanaian artiste, Olodo, Lil' Dizzie delivers "Life vrs. Pain [Ghetto Soldier]", as produced by Dr. Spooky. Listen up and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!


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