Yesterday, at the Baddest concert, pop stars Davido and Wizkid squashed the beef rumours when they performed together on stage. After performing a few of his hits, Wizkid called Davido on stage to perform with him. "There have been reports that me and this guy have been beefing. No, this guy is my nigga, Davido is my nigga, where you at?" said Wizkid as he introduced Davido.

Davido and the HKN stepped on stage and performed the hit song "All of You" which many felt was a subliminal diss to Wizkid and the EME crew. At the end of his performance, Davido said "I've got a secret for y'all. Me and Wizkid are best friends. What the f*ck you talking about?" After saying this both acts hugged. Davido ended his performance with his smash "Dami Duro".

A few months ago, it was reported by several websites that Davido and Wizkid were not the best of friends.

Credit: Popoffcentral

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