MoRemi is a singer/songwriter who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, and a Masters degree in Marketing Communication. She recently moved from Los Angeles, CA back to her hometown of Lagos, Nigeria to launch her music career. This is a bit of an anomaly, as aspiring entertainers often move to LA - not from LA. But that's just MoRemi. An unconventional individual and artist. 

"Hollywood has enough entertainers already, who inspire many through their artistry. I have chosen to move back home because I want to be a part of the blossoming entertainment industry. I'd love to entertain, inspire, and uplift my people and the rest of the world through music." 

MoRemi has learned firsthand about the art and business of music from industry veterans including Kelly Price, John Mayer, Eldee (CEO, Trybe Records), Jay Harren (A&R, Colombia Music) and others. She has honed her performance skills by performing with independent artists in the Los Angeles and Atlanta music scenes. 

Speaking on her singing/songwriting ability, Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men) says, "I'm loving what I'm hearing so far. I think you have the potential of doing even greater things, and I would love to hear more." 

And indeed, the world is about to hear more from MoRemi. Her self-penned debut single, Femi (Produced by Chino The Great of Audio Intercourse, and David Gilean of Melody Maker Productions), will soon be released to radio stations across Nigeria. The music video for Femi, which was shot in Los Angeles, will also be released soon.

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