Nigerians will henceforth start to enjoy Eliademy, a free online classroom that supports educators and students, enabling them to create, share and manage courses.

In this digital age, where internet penetration and the use of mobile devices is skyrocketing in Nigeria, Eliademy aims at easing this burden.

The reality in Nigeria is that most institutions cannot afford or lack the necessary infrastructure to deploy a functioning online course management system that educators can use to manage their numerous students and teaching workload.

With Eliademy, a lecturer can in the beginning of the semester create courses, invite students, give them assignments which they can also return through the system and award grades. These are the basic features among others that the system offers. “How best can we prepare our internet savvy youth-dominated population for global competition than to start educating with devices they carry with them everywhere. We think education should be available to everyone all over the world. Thus we created Eliademy. The mission of Eliademy is to democratize education with technology by ensuring anyone, anywhere and at anytime is able to access educational content either on the web or on mobile” commented Oladimeji Joseph Fakayode, Head of Business Development at CBTec Ltd, the Finnish company behind Eliademy.

Eliademy is free of charge and course content created will always belong to the creator.
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