Beneath the veneers of loud laughter

Of perfect health and wealthy tatters
An ache lingered in a family frame
Whose black sheep smiled in the family portrait
Whose name is glorious in anonymity
Whose fame is notorious in solitary
I was, you see a pain in the arse
Try I may, still an ache that won’t pass
Scream you may, stretching every vein
Words of wisdom fell on me in vain
Siblings of joy, of graceful gaits
Seed of shame and painful gates
The black sheep fails, the black sheep wails
The black sheep dims out all the light
He falls in every fight
He too oft loses his sight
Breaks every heart
Flees and screeches at the sound of war
The black sheep has a heart of coal
…Or so we’re told
Life and I, we made a pact
All befallen me are by mine own hands
And by life’s own act
I wish I could return the sands
To my hourglass
Which spins so fast it ends my days
And leaves me sitting in each class
With tears strolling down my face
With a scar earned
And a lesson learned
Every sheep needs a shepherd
Where is mine?
The lights are out
Shepherd!, Shepherd! Where art thou?
Shepherd!, Shepherd!
Let not this sheep die astray!
Save me thus from every curse
That travels down the hills to I
That takes me from the valley high
And throws me thence to hell beneath
Hippos chase from every side
Lions, cheetahs their time do bide
Take me out of their feisty game
O what shame befalls my name!
My jaw accepts life’s fists
As it throws bad aces across my face
Ba and ma accept their jaws
As it falls upon their fists
“What becomes of this seed that wouldn’t grow?”
Jealousy stirs within my soul
The greener grass I long to chew
With my eyes you live to see
Everyone get their happy ending but you
I live each day in panicked fear
Of a future foretold of him who bears
The world on his shoulder bare
I have no name, I have no fence
I have no swag, I have no pence
I have no nickel, I have no dime
Will you love me still, will you be mine
I am a sheep born white in every way
The dark clouds fell and I became night
A black silhouette in a thundering light
Hi, I’m Black, the sheep whose tale
Has set you back a couple of tears.

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