Is it appropriate if I wished you all a Happy New year? Seeing as I haven’t been around since the end of last year, I only think its fair I showed up with a bit of courtesy.

Happy New Year guys, I wish you all the best in the year ahead, pin your New Year resolutions to your chests and never forget them. I’m making my own out into a chain, wearing it like bling and making sure it’s always in front of me 24/7.

Not like I know what or how that is going to help me achieve the set goals, but there’s something about having those words in front of you as a constant reminder, but me, I’m probably just losing my mind.
I realised I was a bit too soft with the reviews I was putting out last year so one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more critical, for the sake of the artists. It is no longer a hidden secret that majority of musical material we have out there is recycled crap and ‘Pangolo Music’ is winning the quality war. The Videos give these terrible songs some form of gloss but if we stay true to the real essence, which is the passion and the talent of the artist, there’s really nothing these guys are giving us. They simply encourage more mediocre acts to step into a booth and saturate the market with their own false sense of artistry.
I’m not going to stand for that anymore, so hence forth, if I’m going to review a single or track and the artist is your kinsman or relation by blood please endeavour not to press ‘P’ and reason with me as an unbiased person. I believe we owe the general public a responsibility and duty in this regard.


I wasn’t expecting too much form TrybeS Records new signing so soon but I’ll be the first to admit that for a first solo track, Slow Down by Sojay is pretty impressive. R & B is a dying genre around the world with many vocalists switching to Pop Music for the sake of a larger fan base. Sojay doesn’t particularly bring anything new per say, he simply delivers a track that is both catchy and repetitive. I’m not saying its bad, I simply feel it sounds like something I’ve heard before. The beat gives it a fresh feel (like making it distinct) but its still the same R & B format. No risk, no ground breaking sounds here.

My fear is about what actually comes after this because Sojay actually caught my attention with this track. The production is impressive and Sojay’s voice dominates the track adequately.
I’d like to see what the song sounds like without all the electronic instruments, that’s if Sojay can pull off an acoustic performance (yes, maybe I’m calling him out).

An essential part of an artist’s craft is his ability to perform live. Slowdown is one song I feel could sway the ladies if performed right on stage. Kudos to this upcoming artist for this track, its undoubtedly impressive for a first track but I’d want to see Sojay get out of his comfort zone;  he sounded too comfortable throughout most of the track.

Here’s to more good music and great albums throughout the coming year folks. Let’s continue to encourage our local talents, they’ve got what it takes to make it to the big stage. It doesn’t have to be 9ice or skales who brings back that Grammy ya know.

- Griffin (@Griffinstreaks)

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