It's Weezy baby! OK Nigeria recently caught up with EME's prodigal son at the Disturbing London HQ in England. The pop star touched on a few subjects- his mixtape, his international collabos and how he hooked up with Chris Brown. What really caught our attention was when Wizkid said Chris Brown is his fan. Well the kid is not lying, Chris Brown is really his fan and vice-versa. Chris Brown is really feeling Wiz that he called him to perform in his Lagos and Accra shows.

Another eye popping moment is the amount of money Wizkid had on him during the interview. The boy is a walking ATM- major guap all day. With that kind of money on him, he needs security. You can watch the interview below;

In other news, Wizkid is on the cover of this month's Y Magazine. In the cover article Wizkid says "EME is my family" when asked about his relationship with the label. Really Wizkid we are tired of this line. You said the same to Yvonne weeks ago. Are you still with EME or not? People want to know.

Meanwhile the pics in the feature are not bad. Seriously you can't tell the difference between an American rap star and Weezy. His shoe game and gear is on that international p.

Credit: Popoffcentral

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