By Joyce Obozie

It is so funny and sometimes embarrassing when you walk down the popular and always busy streets of Ikeja round about/under bridge, having several boys at different junctions asking you if you want to chnage the color of your lips. "Aunty..Pink lips here...fine aunty..come do your pink lips here". This triggered my memory and i remembered a story i heard a few years back. A friend of mine followed a friend of hers to Ogba to get their lips done "Pink". This is her story:

"Joyce u no go believe say i follow one of my friends go ogba where she say make we go do pink lips, as we reach there, ha so dem say make we sidon waitfor our turn becos babes boku for there as we reach. Na so we join the queue. As we sidon there dey wait, na so one babe waka come out wey her mouth swell up like pig own and na so her face red like tomatoes wey dem just grind becos she don cry tire. As i sidon there, two other girls come out with the same spoil spoil face like rotten mango, na so i say make i find out wetin dey happen. As the next girl dey enter na so i follow her. I come dey jokingly follow the guy wey dey do am joke so him no go pursue me and from there i go see the level as e dey go. Joyce wetin my eyes see inside there, my mouth no fit finish the talk..I just comot from there, i tell my friend say i want quickly buy something, na so i carry my bag..jah,escape comot for there. Omo na pin dem take dey inject one pink liquid like that put for dem those girls dem dey do so dem the girls dey shout...the thing dey pain no be lie.."

Now the questions are:

1. What brought about this whole idea of "Pink lipping"? This is gradually turning into a trend. Last week for example i saw at different intervals in one day, 3 different guys who just had their lips tinted...very reddish something like that. I am confused as to why any guy would think that would attract the opposite sex.

2. What happens to my treasured make-up kit. As a girl, the pleasures of playing with my make-up kits and changing the color of my lips to suit my mood and attires i can not give up..and i am sure no girl wants  to give that up too...

3. Obviously red hot lips is in fashion right now, everywhere you turn there this that 'reddish lip' that wants to kiss you...or just trash you..LOL! Say you tattoo you lips red or pink now...what will happen when the trend changed and blak becomes the fashion...or white..or even blue lips...

4. Is this a medium to stop ladies from spending too much on makeup. If we are now have permanent tattooed eyebrow and tattooed lips the we should be expecting permanent contact lenses,eye lashes, eye shadows and even cheek blushes.

5. Lastly, What are the implications of this "Pink lip" tattoo healthwise? Is there a cancer or HIV risk in there somewhere? I need to be educated on this any health expect in the house, hit me up.

If you want pink lips...There is a way to go about this naturally without putting yourself at any risk...just consider one of the following methods

1. To get soft pink lips, you need to scrub your lips with a soft bristled toothbrush every night after you are done with brushing your teeth. This will help in removing the dry and chapped dry skin around your lips and make it look fresh.

2. You need to massage your lips for a few minutes every day. For massaging make a solution by mixing lemon juice with almond oil. Use this solution to massage your lips every night before going to bed. This treatment will offer nourishment and help in keeping your lips moisturized. Soon you will notice the darkness of your lips is getting reduced.

3. Always remove the lip makeup you have applied during the day before going to sleep. To remove the makeup, you can use a soft cotton ball and put some almond oil or olive oil on it and gently rub the lips with it. Sleeping with lipsticks and lip gloss on your lips can be the reason behind your dark lips.

4. By scrubbing your lips with sugar mixed with cold cream the color of your dark lips will fade. Instead of cold cream you can also use olive oil to make the granular paste. This is a great way to exfoliate your lips to give it a natural shine and color.

5. There is little bit of oil called sebum secreted by the skin on the lips and so there is always the need to get your lips moisturized. Use a lip balm or petroleum jelly on your lips when you are outside and use coco butter on your lips when you are in the house. You need to make sure that your lips are always well moisturized in order to get soft and pink lips.

6. Seeds of pomegranate can also be used in order to lighten the dark color of your lips and lending it a lovely pink color. Take the seeds of pomegranate in crushed form and mix it with the milk cream and apply it on your lips. Soon your lips will become redder and fuller. You can use this solution without worrying about side effects.

7. Cucumber juice when applied on lips also help a lot in reducing the darkness of lips. Take a slice of cucumber and scrip your lips with it whenever you have some time. Just five minutes of scrubbing daily with cucumber juice will lighten the color of your lips making it pink.

8. Rose petals can also be used to get back the pink colors of your lips. Take some rose petals and immerse it in milk for some time. Then make a paste of the petals and add a few drops of honey and glycerin to it. Now take this paste and dab it on your lips for fifteen minutes. Finally rub off your lips gently with milk. When you follow this treatment daily you can witness amazing results.

9. ry to pat the lips for a few minutes with cotton soaked in carrot juice or beetroot juice. This way you can easily add some color on your lips as well as nourish the lips. For better result you can add a pinch of saffron with the juice. Saffron will help in keeping your dry lips well moisturized.

10. Next time while eating an orange keep the orange peel as it can help a lot in the treating dark and dull lips. Use the orange peel to cleanse the skin of your lips and to lighten the dark skin tone of your lips.


  • One major reason behind the dark color of your lips is too much consumption of tea, coffee and other beverages. So, you need to cut down on your drinking habits.
  • If you have the habit of smoking then it is time to quit smoking. Smoking can make the color of your lips black color.
  • Dehydration is not good for your lips and so you must try to consume huge amount of water. You must drink at least ten glasses of water daily to flush out all the toxic from your body and keep it hydrated.
  • When lips are exposed to Sunrays, the natural color of your lips will fade away. So, before going out in the sun apply some good sunscreen lotion on your lips.

To conclude, by following these above mentioned simple and easy tips you can make your lips soft and pink. So, put these tips in action and see how your lips start blooming like a pink rose.

Meanwhile see how pink lips is done locally on the streets of Lagos, watch the video:

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