Timi Da Black One (real name Dr. Timi Akinmuda) has occasionally been accused of complacence and apparently not taking his music as seriously as his medical career. And they wouldn't have been too far wrong.

After his work with the eLDee/Tryberecords collective Da-Trybe and the release of his solo album "Na flash" in 2005, he has not really been a constant face on the Nigerian music terrain; his reason being the jealous demands of his medical career on his time and person. He returned briefly to drop "Yansh Police" and "Spoil" in 2010/11 but then not too much after.

Now married, a proud father, a practicing Dentist and director of his own Dental Clinic, Timi seems determined to once again regain his place on the stage of the Nigerian music scene and he starts the campaign with the release of the melodious but mature themed "No be today". Not your regular party music sound prevalent at the moment but full of meaning and melody, this song stamps Timi as a true veteran who has a life outside music but has his own established place in it as well.

He has promised to stick around for longer this time. Expect the release of another single in June and another in October.


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