Chaitali Olumide Falemara simply known as Lulu Falemara is no ordinary girl. Born in Mumbai, India and raised in Lagos Nigeria, she’s the only child of her mother and seventh child of her father. Quite fresh on the scene, music and poetry have been part of her life before she could even walk. With her parents’ music records playing in the house and her own early experiments with poems and lyrics, Lulu Falemara has grown up around melody, soul and sound. She’s a child of reggae and raggah, lovers’ rock and soul, and there’s a characteristic rawness and honesty in her writing and singing style. Signed to L.360 management, her music is distinct as she exudes a relaxed and unique sing-jay style. It’s a little jazzy, without letting go off the bounce that comes from reggae and old school hip hop. This 'unofficial' single titled War is to allow the public get a feel of Lulu and her music. With this track she manages to catch your mind and make you really think about the world and the people of today. With the first line of the chorus, she achieves her aim to embrace simplicity and originality through her song. She manages to catch your mind and make you really think about the world and its people. "War" intentionally swirls and provokes to make you feel something you wouldn't expect. Also watch Lulu Falemara perform her cover of Gone till November and also a different and un-rehearsed version of War.


Watch her "Gone till November" cover below

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