Over the last 10 weeks or thereabout, we have heard mix-tape materials and original songs from no other than the South-South artiste/producer, Frankie Free. Alas, he finally delivers a mouth-watering 17-track mix-tape titled "Diary Of A Hustler"; a variety of songs over self-produced tracks, as well as tracks produced by label-mate, DJ Toxiq-A, featuring artistes in the likes of EriggaMaxino and a couple of others. The mix-tape, as was inspired from his thoughts and demand from fans alike, shows the different sides to Frankie Free, his uniqueness and how vast he could be when it comes to music. He dedicates the "Diary Of A Hustler" mix-tape to God, his family and his team, not forgetting fans and everyone who's been supportive through the course of his career. Listen up and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!

1. Frankie Free - NAIJA [a Lil' Kim cover]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah1

2. Frankie Free ft. G-Boi - CARRY GO [prod. by Frankie Free]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah2

3. Frankie Free ft. Govey, Maxino & K-Slym - JOURNEY [a DJ Drama cover]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah3

4. Frankie Free - F**K ALL NIGHT [prod. by Frankie Free]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah4

5. Frankie Free - ROLL-1 [prod. by DJ Toxiq-A]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah5

6. Frankie Free - HUSTLE HARD [prod. by Frankie Free]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah6

7. Frankie Free - KUMBAYA [prod. by DJ Toxiq-A]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah7

8. Frankie Free - NAWTI [an Olu Maintain cover]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah8

9. Frankie Free ft. Real B - BAMBA LIKE THIS [a Tunde Ednut cover]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah9
10. Frankie Free - SUN SHADES [prod. by Frankie Free]

DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah10

11. ROLL-1 [Skit]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah11

12. Frankie Free ft. Erigga - ROLL-1 Remix [prod. by DJ Toxiq-A]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah12

13. Frankie Free - TOUCH YOU LAST [prod. by DJ Toxiq-A]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah13

14. Frankie Free ft. Steel - TILL DAWN [prod. by Jimoh Waxiu]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah14

15. Frankie Free - OH LA LA LA [a Kool & The Gang sample]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah15

16. Frankie Free ft. TnJ - GO HARD [a BrymO cover]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah16

17. Frankie Free - ESMAILA [a Brick & Lace sample]
DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/ffdoah17

DIRECT DOWNLOAD FULL“DIARY OF A HUSTLER [Mixtape]”: http://bit.ly/ffdoahmixtape

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