There is a new way of storytelling that transcends just entertainment, one that mirrors the society and help us see ourselves the way we are. This is what David tried, something new and different. This movie is about a year old but watch and know why i put it up...

"African culture is diverse and very expansive with the largesse and detailed intricacy that comes with it for a truly and remarkable rich culture.
To encapsulate all that with great detail and tell it in a storyline that catches bits and pieces of each aspect can be a hard thing to do but the producer of short film “Alaalo” almost managed to achieve that; an amalgamation of several true stories, very unique in its narrative style, and explores a different angle of story telling and of the African culture.
David Adeogun employs a really different style in his film making. It is bold and powerful and delves into new forays."

Watch the film below:

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