FORTUNE AKALEME aka F-TUNE grew up in lagos and is currently based in the UK with plans of coming back home soon.He started singing at the age of 8 in church where he was asked to perform and he got a standing ovation! At that moment he put his heart and soul into music and fell in love with the beat. 
He fused Pop and Hip hop over the years to produce an up tempo type of music. Gathering inspirations from artists such as: Easy E, Bone, Thugs and Harmony, 2Pac and Notorious Big.
He lives by his own personal mantra
"Whenever I'm sad and hungry, music is food for my soul"
He has performed in various shows and concerts and has also performed in various clubs and shows in Budapest, Hungry and around england. 
He is also planning to release a couple of singles and drop an album this year
He is here with 'INVADE YOUR SPACE' a song he wants to use to wet our appetites... 
"INVADE YOUR SPACE" is an Up-tempo/techno kind of tune that will get your body moving anytime, after constantly testing the song in several clubs, its sure to move you anytime...Please Download, Enjoy and Share.

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