Its been a great month of May with different Divas including international diva, Maimouna Youssef dropping by to perform at FreedomHall.

We have partnered with several global brands and we now have an event every single day of the business week. No reason at all for anyone to get stuck in traffic.

Have you been to "Just Dance" yet? Waoh!!! its a fun way to learn new dance steps, keep fit and network. Its every Tuesday and Thursday at Eko Gym, 9, Akarigbere close off Idejo Street, Adeola Odeku, V.I. 6-7pm each day. its more fun every week.

"FreedomHall Karaoke" is every Tuesday at N tyce Lounge, Plot 1310 Karimu Kotun street, V.I from 7-10pm. Its always a relaxing way to wind down the day and wait out traffic. We just sing, dance and generally have fun. You should too.

"FreedomHall Live Band" is every Wednesday at 284 Lounge, 284 Ajose Adeogun street, V.I from 7-10pm. We have a professional band perform to the delight of everyone, the best Nigerian and international music. Professional musicians also come perform their full sets to their fans. Its a public holiday this Wednesday, so if you are in the vicinity, drop by and dance the democracy day away. We are supported by an international brand so there are many give-aways to make the night merrier.

"FreedomHall Open Mic" every Thursday is here to stay as we move closer to celebrating 3 years of nonstop live music, poetry, spoken word, comedy, etc. We are at Ember Creek, 32, Awolowo way, Ikoyi from 7-10pm. We go live on international TV this year but have managed to stay cosy and intimate.

FreedomHall Live on radio is on every Tuesday and Friday on from 3-4pm each day. You can listen in from any part of the world and get all the best of our music, poetry, spoken word, etc. live. Don't forget to log on at work this week.

We decided to keep "Upper Room" on Mondays a small group. So, you have to contact us to get infor on that. Visit our website, to stay connected and access all our social media sites. Please reply us with feed-back. What you love, what you want, etc. We love to hear from you.

Remember, never get into traffic, enjoy FreedomHall daily, after all, its all free. Stay free.

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