Jaygo is a Nigerian born singer, song writer and actor gifted with a cool husky voice with an amazing ability to paint the most vivid emotions with his lyrics. Born Segun Dada, this graduate of theatre and Music from Lagos State University, has taking the time to learn music as an art form, a foundation that is clearly identifiable in his music; giving him depth and soul.

His passion for life, love and country informs the themes his songs are about; like a painter inspired by the realities the world around him, Jaygo takes the very familiar and gives it a life only music present. The apparent effortlessness with which he sings has stunned music lovers and listeners suggestive of a talent well on his way to carving a niche in the Nigerian music space. In an industry where it has become fashionable to follow the trend and copy the flow and style of other in an attempt to attain the same buzz, Jaygo stays true to an authenticity that instantly catches you off guard. 

His style of music is a hybrid of soul, hip-hop, dance, afro-pop with a heavy leaning on soft rock. In 2011, Jaygo released his debut single, ‘Rubiewe’ a soulful, soft-rock masterpiece which resulted in massive amounts of downloads across the different music sharing sites and blogs, with matching radio airplay.

His new single, ‘GREATNESS’ is the official theme song of the National Youth Merit Awards  ‘GREATNESS’  is an anthem that pays tribute to the youths of this great nation, a celebration of the tenacious army of young people fighting to make their voices heard in spite of the shackles and limitations the system heaps on them.

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