In a recent interview, Mode9 reveals he's working with Don Jazzy

A: You know what I actually take that back, I probably had more Hennessey than usual (laughs). People read it the wrong way. But the truth is, it’s nothing I haven’t already done, I have already done songs like “Cry”, “Nigerian Girls”.

The only thing is that when people say commercial album, immediately they think I’m singing. But no I don’t sing, I don’t know how to sing or carry notes, I don’t do that. What I did was I featured people in the main stream. I featured quite a few people in the Nigerian main stream. Some of the songs can come as across as being commercial compared to ‘Alphabetical Order’ as real hip-hop.

But I mean I put out ‘Alphabetical Order’ as real hip-hop and then I put out my own solo album and make it the same thing, what’s the difference. Why don’t we just say okay this album am going to show a little versatility rap on faster beats.

It’s an interesting album. Dammy Krane is on it, and we went all out. I have different sides and we party too. We dance ‘Kukere’. Forget sey we be Hip-Hop heads, we do that and it’s about having fun. I don’t listen to hip hop all the time. Some time, I listen to rock. Most of the time, its reggae. Reggae is almost like my favorite genre reggae alongside Hip-Hop.

Q: So is Don Jazzy is going to be on the project as well?

A: Yes he’s on it.

Q: Is there a name for the album yet?

A: ‘AGL’. I studied building technology so I decided to inculcate stuffs that I studied into the music. AGL. Above ground level. It’s just like I’m not making music underground, instead I’m making music above ground level. Its business if people are not feeling this, give them this. I might just wake up one morning and say I’m going to do a reggae album.

Source: Soundcity

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