''Thank You Mama'' by Mr Belushi feat Sean Keller is a sentimental rap song dedicated to all mothers outlining the role that mothers play in our lives from childhood to our adult lives, originally written as a tribute to his mum but she passed away before the song was recorded. For those of you that their mum is still alive, take some time to enjoy and dedicate this to your mother while she is still with you, and for those that have lost their mum, dedicate this in memory of her love for you. 
A new single from Mr Belushi a versatile songwriter who makes music as a hobby and has the ability to make good music that people can relate to and although not very active as a musician, he decided to share his talent and interest in music with others, believing that talent is a gift from God and it should be used to inspire others instead of letting it waste. Mr Belushi is currently recording more songs at Corpus Dieu studio in Paris France and is working with a renowned french producer Antonio and some other European artists, so we are sure to hear more good music from this creative Nigerian.

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