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I’m a musician. I work hard to ensure the music I make, much like the person I am, is unique and makes a bold statement.

In becoming who I am, there are lives that have shaped mine. Gentle hands which have reached across time and space to mold my thoughts and actions.

This is my homage, my tribute, to all the wonderful women who have inspired me. They are all amazing artistes.

And they inspire me because of how they lived and because of the things they stood for.

Aretha Franklin

Aretha is the queen of soul music. There’s no competition; she’s number one. When you listen to her music, it feels like she’s preaching her message to you. She was sassy. And she was  bold. And beyond that she also was a truly gifted musician, songwriter, singer, performer.

She ended up being that first great female soul singer. she’s influenced everybody else I listen to : Mary J Blige, Anita Baker, Shaka Kahn… Beyonce.

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Billie Holiday

When you mention Billie the first thing that comes to mind is her very very unique voice. She doesn’t have that conventional sweet singing voice. You can pick her out of the crowd any day, anywhere. And I wonder, how amazing do you have to be, that all people need to hear from you is a Note or a word, and they go, “Ah, this is this person.”

Favorite thing she did: SummerTime

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Lauryn Hill

I didn’t want to be Lauryn when I was younger, I wanted to be Lauryn. If I could have looked like her at that time, I would have traded my looks. She was the first person I heard blend soul, hip hop and reggae, it was just a unique and completely different sound. And she was so beautiful. Just that talented completely gifted package that could dop everything: sing, act, rap, dance… She had it all together.

Favorite thing she did:  Ex Factor

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Mary J

Mary is the modern day Aretha Franklin. She’s truly soulful. Mary might not be a great singer, but she sings her heart out. And her songs are therapy. Every time she’s coming out with another album I’m like okay what’s she bringing this time. Cant wait to listen.

She preaches with her music. And she’s probably my strongest influence.

Favorite thing she did: No More Drama (The entire album, that was when she broke free. She was: “I’m done with my demons. Here I am.”)

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Erykah Badu

I remember the first time I heard her music.  1997, my brother, he came in with her Cd and I listened to it and was like: what the hell is this?!!

I was so blown away. She had that soul jazz, hip hop combo blazing in her voice is so effortless. Her singing style…

Very sassy, very funny. Very eccentric. Eryka doesn’t care about anybody. She just does her music. She’s truly like a musical purist.

There’s this video where she undresses walking down the street till she’s completely nude.

I was like: “No no no”. But that’s Erykah.


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Sometime I wonder, could I go nude for my art?  Really, I think it’s pure. I don’t think there’s anything pornographic about it. You can look at it and see purity and God’s awesomeness in creating the human form. So who knows?

Nina Simone

Another unique voice from another gifted artistes. In her time, Nina didn’t give a damn. She was very arrogant. I mean if she went somewhere and was performing, and you were talking, she’d walk up to you and go: “Oh you have something to say?” I like to do that too, sometimes.:-D

She was all about being young black and gifted. She was an amaaaazing performer. Nina used to act out her music. She would bring her music to life.

My favorite thing she did is her renditon of Feeling Good.

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Coco Chanel

When it comes to fashion I’m not into trends. I thoroughly dislike dressing like other people. Now Coco Chanel, was not trendy. During her time, women were wearing all those tight dresses corsets and blown out skirts, and then Coco would show up wearing an all black fitted dress. She really felt that fashion should be comfortable. Fashion should be very individualistic, in that everybody should express themselves. She invented the little black dress, which has becoe a staple wardrobe. That was in 1920.

And she created the style of fashion called classic fashion where you have those basic pieces that are always in vogue. Timeless pieces you can build your wardrobe around. That style appeals to me because I think there;s something timeless about Ruby. There’s a sense of I’m here to stay about me.

My favorite thing of hers is the Little Black Dress (the little black dress. Timeless. And black is one of my favorite colors. Black and red)

If I were to have dinner with one of them I’d pick Coco Chanel. During her time, she was doing things women were not allowed to do. Wearing pants. What kind of guts did that take? She was truly fearless. She was an individual.
After her, I’d pick Nina Simone.

I think there’s a common thread about this . They had something they wanted to say and they said it.

For me: it’s the empowerment of it. Their music, their art, their stories.

That these were women who were not afraid to be. To be bold. And heard. And listened to.

And I hope some day, my life becomes some sort of voice speaking to someone, somewhere. Telling them to keep at it. To not give up.

And to not be afraid.

-Ruby Gyang

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