Saturday was nearly an induction to bravery… But as the over-abused saying goes, “nearly has never killed a bird” not once!! -money has… Twice even. Lol.

Contrary to popular belief, ones love for money…has nothing to do with cultural grooming or tribal orientation. Just counting money is orgasmic!! Sadly, one may not necessarily end up clearing debts, or catering for numb-necessities with the money.. But just spending on something like a yellow 1973 Camaro Chevrolet ride, or spending on something as simple as a cone of ice-cream or even just having a full wallet is enough.

But an aspect of life defeats me mentally and strangles my ability to judge without measurable bias or quavering emotions.

How do you explain being in a relationship with someone who really loves you but cannot cater for your needs? Financial needs! Or how do you explain being in love with an undergraduate who is living off an under-arm-allowance but in all of these, the betweens are constant—>(The Sex or The Love)

I dated a guy in my first few naive years where the answer to nearly every question I was asked was “I dunno”… I was dating this guy who would ask me when I was leaving his house.. “Baby do you need cab money?”.. & in the beauty & glory of my basking naivety I’d answer “I dunno” when I should have said “Yes baby i do. Could you please pass your wallet so I pull out some snack cash too”

Love should come first.. I agree…

But then again…. love also requires “High-Maintenance” regardless of what your partner deserves. Same way you insure your car,or something that is seemingly valuable to you… Emotional insurance is no different from the aforementioned.

Now lets fast Foward into 2013. Now I am by many years more mature than the girl that used to answer “I dunno”.. Because clearly, your boyfriend should be reasonable enough to know his role. If he wants me to keep my financial needs to myself, then he really truly isn’t concerned about me. [A real niqqa don't squirt from spending few bucks!!]


Love has other components. Love must build, love must satisfy, love must tolerate, love must remain a process, love has a beginning as it also has an end.

I realized over time, that love isn’t all about “Give me this”… A relationship should build you. It should help you focus. A real relationship isn’t a distraction because its automatically included in your life’s schedule. Nonetheless ladies all over the world have given more to relationships… All thanks to how “devalued” sex has become.

But isn’t it just increasingly irritating that most men don’t understand that love is also many other things than “LONG SUFFERING?”. What’s love if you can’t provide for whoever it is you’re dating.. Not out of compulsion, but of concern.

At a point in every relationship, there’s a paradigm shift from family to the core of a relationship. You start seeing your boyfriend in a more serious manner & you unconsciously start expecting him to cater for all your needs… Psychologically NORMAL!!!

forgive me if i fired my opinion wrongly, i’m not encouraging anyone to build a canopy of bills over the struggling males. Dear females.. Love is also PATIENT. You know? Lol.

I have read a truck-load of articles that criticize females who are financially-dependent on their partners. Without analyzing all sides there is to its intricate patterns. I can’t trust people who claim to be ambassadors of “perfection”…

Perfection is intimidating. Perfection scares me. People wanna know that they aren’t the only ones hearing those voices in their head, they also wanna know that you cry when your scared.. That your heartbeat-rate doubles at the sight of your lover, that you feel butterflies too.. That you are as human as they are.

It’s been a thought…

Repeatedly I’m labelled “Controversial” but to a large extent, I believe that if you are physically involved with a lady, you should extend care to not only your very sexual needs, but also to her financial needs.

I mean, if whores get paid…. Then the respectable woman who you sleep with has a right to ask you for money.
If the “boyfriends” could also satisfy financially, then maybe there’ll be few females inconsistent in Love.

It’s been my opinion… What’s yours?

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