Jim Iyke Kid Brother Launches Record Label With Two of His Friends, It seems to us that Jim Iyke kid brother who’s  still an upcoming artist might be set to show the world that he is more talented than his big brother Jim iyke. We don’t know but what we know is that him and his close friend (Lynda and Daniel) set up a label called Cyclop Records. These three parties we believe they are based US.
Is it True that the actor Jim Iyke might have a kid brother who is into music. Well we don’t know but from the picture below you judge and see the similarity in the face and although both are chocolate skin dark color.
From his song “Brighten Ur Night” the young upcoming artist shows his rap skills and believes me his flow is unbelievable. I’m Comparing his song to his big brother; I could tell you that he got more talent than his big brother Jim Iyke. 

The energetic Vreezy Ville, welcome Nigeria with a sound engineered, as well as the hearts of music lovers everywhere! Vreezy Ville is ready to displays his musical expertise.

Today finally revealed his much anticipated single 'Brighten Ur Night'. Vrezzy Ville is currently in United States (MaryLand) shooting his video of Brighen ur night, watch out for his video in next two weeks. He is ready lay a very credible on mainstream radio stations all across Nigeria and U.S.

Press Play And Enjoy.

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