Sax Planet proudly presents K SAX in Smooth Jazz Mix Vol 1.Listen to this wonderful rendition.
Contemporary Jazz just got better.....with Sax Planet

KSax is one of Nigeria’s leading saxophonists who provide entertainment for any occasion, as a solo performer, with a pianist or as a band in a jazzy form.
His passion and love for Jazz transpired following his transition from working as a banker post-graduation to training and playing the saxophone. He has played professionally for11 years and has wowed his clients and their audience each time.
Not only is he an exceptional saxphonist, he is also the CEO of Sax Planet, a company that teaches students how to play various musical instruments.
The genre of music covered by this exceptional artist includes but is not limited to:

•Old school
•Contemporary Music 

He has also worked and recorded with various local and international stars. Some of whom include Ron Kenoly, R Kelly, Busta Rhymes, 2Face, Najee, Asa, Omawunmi and many others. Not to forget the corporate clients too, who include Citi bank, Access bank, GT-Bank, Nescafe, Omo Detergent and Kia Motors.
It is his dream of this underground saxophonist to bridge the gap between old school and the contemporary new school with his blend of evergreen classics and the present day groovy song that can stand the test of time; thereby creating a revolutionary appreciation of the Nigerian jazz genre globally.
In his words, “sax is a musical voice that can be philosophically interpreted by both the layman and the bourgeois in a global society where music recreates a different kind of relaxing ambience thus bringing certain undesired music to the limelight”.

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