Nigerian music videos are getting flashier and more expensive by the day. For some of us that grew watching talent-less singers dancing in gardens in the 90’s, the style in music videos is something we could only dream about. 
A lot of high-end fashion is beginning to pop up on a lot of our music videos. Gold jewelries, leather pants, denim jackets, Jordan and Air Yeezy sneakers. Let’s not forget the video vixens. While a lot of our pop videos are fashionable, not a lot of them are stylish. Sometimes it seems the artist is forced to wear what’s hot rather than what blends with his personal style. That’s why a lot of artists end up looking like fashion slaves in music videos

 The first time i heard this song at Sheri's Corner, i fell in love with the song and now am in love with the video too, am sure you would too.

Show Dem Camp’s ‘Feel Alright’ video featuring BOJ & Poe is arguably the most stylish music video out now (style is different from fashion, please note the difference). It is a blend of very good music and personal style. You get the feeling that Ghost and Tec of SDC, Poe and BOJ dress like this when the cameras are not on. They look so relaxed and chilled. It is obvious that this is how they dress on a daily…well apart from Tec’s agbada (which was a cool look by the way).

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