By TheFunbi (@F_U_N_B_I)

She’s   sexy, she’s fly AND wait for it… she’s EME’s first lady!
Her name is Niyola, a bonafide diva and one of the hottest female brands on the Naija music scene at the moment.

This may be surprising to *clears throat* uninispired gbeboruns   some fans but Eniola Akinbo (yea that’s her real name) has been around for quite a while. Her journey began in 2000 when she emerged first runner up at the AMEN competition, which led to her not just meeting but also getting an invitation to do a duet with Plantashun boys. From then on she joined Trybe Records and subsequently Make sum Noise, an entertainment company owned by Freestyle (formerly of Trybesmen.)

She released a couple of singles before finally putting out her eponymous debut album when she got signed to another label Westside Music. Err… yes there is an album somewhere on the planet with an eerily similar picture of how she still looks today .It is indeed a curious case for she is ageless and easy to hate right now. Just putting it out there … Ok! (I am calm now). In fact, the album even got two nominations for the Hip Hop world awards!

Niyola’s repertoire isn’t without its fair share of collaborations as the sultry singer has worked with artistes such as 2face, freestyle, Ruggedman among others. It doesn’t end there; her talent extends to song writing. The star has written soundtracks for some Yoruba movies and also wrote the theme song for 2face’s second album concert and has ALSO done a few jingles for big brands such as Coca Cola! Indeed Niyola is extremely versatile and definitely not a stranger in the industry.

We do not know why, but she seemed to have gone off the grid for a minute. Miss Niyola was on some form of hiatus for a while until recently when she became a member of the EME family .She made her comeback with her single on the EME album and some other collaborations with her label mates.

Now when I heard EME now had a ‘1st lady’ and it was Niyola , I had such high expectations but her single “Don’t Go there” wasn't earth -shattering ,mind -blowing , heart –wrenching  music, It was just an average ,EASILY forgettable song. Suffice to say 1st lady failed to BRING IT!

Here I was thinking  Aunty Tiwa now had competition....
However, with the release of two new singles this year, I am beginning to shift from my initial stance. Niyola can sing and actually make good music (THANK GOD!)  . ‘Toh bad’ and ‘Crazy’ are good singles. Through these singles she has been able to show that talent and skill isn’t an issue for her.


She still seems to be holding back… Something is missing, a sprinkle of BEY-DUST maybe *chanting All hail Queen Bey *. Seriously, all we need is MORE just MORE.
She’s sexy and fly, she’s EME’s first lady and yes she can SING. *side eye* Aunty Tiwa

For more info on Niyola visit .lol I kid Xoxo…

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