"Ogungbe Taiwo, better known as ATM, is a Nigerian Hip hop Artist who hailed from the western part of the country (Ogun state to be precise) he studied Mass Communication in Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu Campus.

ATM started music as a young teenager, singing with friends at school and on the streets just for fun, ATM decided to take music professionally as a career in 2010 after his worth in music has been discovered and proved in many shows he attended during his time in the polytechnic and other places on the streets of Lagos with his style of music which really set him different from every other artistes in the country.

He is a young, aspiring and very energetic artist who gets his lyrics from the streets and what happens in life generally. He made two great singles -KEEPONWE and MY BRODA'S WIFE that was disturbed in many states in 2011/2012. Both songs had special and distinguished lyrics from most songs heard, across Africa.  "KEEPONWE" a very unique ijebu hip-hop mixed with pidgin, Yoruba and English.
These songs gave him a very huge recognition and set him aside in the crowd of many musicians.

ATM is back again with CONFAM, Download and Share."

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