You may have met and fallen for each other. But the person you met and fell for could have been acting for you. Months later you realize there’s something off about your significant other. Often, people stay in bad relationships or relationships that have “something that’s a bit off” which in turn interferes with their happiness and consequently their quality of life. All that can be avoided but only when you look out for the signs in your significant other and today we tackle “signs he’s not the man for you”.

1. You have a feeling that you should get out

Is your gut feeling telling you to run for the hills? By all means do listen to that gut of yours!In case you ever find yourself confiding in a friend that you’re either scared for your life because your man has potential to harm you or because you’re just not happy with him anymore. Or maybe the sight of him annoys you or your moods change every time you’re together, and his cons outweigh his pros and to cap it all, your gut feeling is doing its thing… He’s not the man for you!

2. He’s just too busy…even for you

If this is the case, it just means that your man has his priorities mixed up. If you rarely see him because he’s just too busy and cannot make time for you then honey, he would be better off in a relationship with himself or his work. You and your children (if there are any involved) will always come second or third in his life as he is already ‘taken’. He will always be unavailable to you.

3. He does not fit in with your circle of friends
Your man and your friends don’t blend. Whenever you try to indulge your friends and your boyfriend he always just looks out of place. He sits quietly at some corner looking all broody and constantly gives you the look that he wants to leave. This happens even when you’re hanging out with your family. For a happy relationship you need to have other people in your circle. People to help you think, love and laugh. To help you build and share in the joys of life and to fill in the blanks where some characters are needed in the play called life. Otherwise you’ll end up just the two of you ….alone and bored with each other forever!

4. Whenever in public he expects you to pretend to be someone you’re not!

If your man rarely invites you to hang out with his friends or if he does he expects you to act in a certain way so that you don’t embarrass him…he’s definitely not the man for you. Your man should never be embarrassed of you. When he met you, he liked you the way you are and you changing was not in the cards. You entered the relationship knowing that you felt something mutual for each other so when you  find him getting embarrassed of you it means he is capable of disowning you someday just because he’s too embarrassed to be associated with you.

5. If you’re with him just because of his potential

If you can’t stand him in the present because maybe he’s broke and classless but you know he’s yet to get his big break because he works too darn hard then you’re lying to yourself and to him. If you don’t love him when he’s broke your feelings won’t change when he’s baked. He’s also not a fool because he also observes how you treat him. So, if his potential is what has you together, chances are that things will just not work out between the two of you heavy bank account or otherwise.

6. If you’re constantly trying to fix him to suit your needs

The only person that you’re capable of changing-ever!-is yourself. This is almost the same as making excuses for your man’s bad behavior because you’re trying to make people see the lie that he’s clearly not. No man is perfect but you have the option to choose someone who will be perfect for you from the word go. If you find yourself trying to fix your man to suit your needs then clearly he is not the man for you.

7. If you’re with him because he’s the only person who’s asked…

Lying to yourself much? If under normal circumstances this man would not be your first, 2nd or 3rd choice but here you are with him because you’ve been single and alone for what? has it been 2 months already? and you’re just scared of being alone…You. Will. Never. Be. Happy.With. Him. Cut the poor guy some slack.

Credit: Lifestyle Magazine

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