This some real rap music, rappers at the top should be scared. These guys are vexing...they are ready to steal your Shine...LOL!

"The Renaissance was a rebirth of the human spirit, a rebirth of creativity.  While taking the classical past as its model, the Renaissance was one of the most creative periods in human history, comparable only to the Golden Age of Hellenic Athens in the fifth century before Christ. Synthesis: result of combination of several things, ideas. 
ODDYMACFOY & TMEOGUNDE present "Synthesis: The Cypher" featuring some of the best mc's  out of Hebron CU including: Ozone; Aristokrat Records new signee, Fourth Dimension's Dosage (Flow), Rhye Ali & Omari, Tsukie, Ladoc, Tyler, Lamai (Soliddrop) & Kobijonz. This is the Renaissance of the Hip Hop Culture In Naija. Download, Listen and Enjoy! Who bodied the track?"



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