One of the top Hip-Hop music producers in Nigeria, Ray X The Great has teamed up with Terry Tha Rapman on a new track called 'Omoge Tele Tele'. The pair teamed up on 'Zombie' off Terry Tha Rapman's The World Domination mixtape in 2012. 'Omoge Tele Tele' is another top-notch production from Ray X The Great. 

Ray X The Great is a highly regarded Hip Hop producer in Nigeria. He has won the South South Music Awards Producer of the Year category twice. He also produced the famous 'Saka Don Port' MTN Commercial. 'Omoge Tele Tele' is off his forthcoming EP Ray X The Great.The EP will feature Ray X's new higher style of production.

'Omoge Tele Tele' was the last song recorded in the EP. Terry Tha Rapman popped in to Ray X's studio to wish him a happy birthday. They got into the studio and knocked this song off in less than 2 hours

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