For one without an official single, Nigerian singer Samad is currently smashing barriers and setting records. The young teen sensation practically staged a coup when barely a week ago, the hashtag ‘#ListentoSamad’ became the number one trending Twitter topic in Lagos, before staging a takeover for Twitter topics worldwide. Indeed, Samad is starting a quiet revolution – he currently sits at the number one position on the Reverbnation pop charts for both Lagos and Nigeria, while he holds the number 18 spot on the Reverbnation global pop charts – Samad’s immense talent and fast-rising popularity was noticed by a number of industry watchers, leading to him joining Maestro Global Records(MGR) and managed by Bankhead Entertainment and Obvious Talent Management. and like one demanding his birthright has drawn the world’s attention to his abundant talent.Rarely does this kind of buzz precede a musical release, and as a response of sorts to the growing clamor for his work, Samad is putting out One Night featuring Esojay Luciano as a prelude to his soon-to-come official single.
Over spare drums and lush strings, Samad delivers a premium melodious performance on One Night that proposes his predilection towards musical alchemy –a melding of traditional ‘velvet’ R&B with a shade of silky patois –resulting in a completely unique and refreshing sound which is set to see him become a premium feature of the music scene in the very near future.One Night features the smooth flow rapper Esojay Luciano, who complements Samad with a performance worthy of the song.
One Night is irresistible from the start; it draws the listener into Samad’s amorous narrative with a promise of heights which he does indeed take the song to. One Night makes a showcase of Samad’s abundant talent, and also provides a glimpse into the treasure that this fledging smooth operator is set to deliver in the coming weeks.

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