So after chasing him for only God knows how long like a teenager that's got his eyes fixed on a new catch (girl) and all attempts failed all thanks to a very busy schedule, I just surrendered and believed that *WHAT WOULD BE WOULD BE*. Surprisingly, a Ping comes through in the early hours of Wednesday morning and all I saw was *Guy oya make we run the interview here via bbm before I komot*. I was stunned. Instantly, with a sleepy eyes and very heavy head, the questions started pouring out and I got the perfect answers..

He's blessed with a kind of voice that depicts his swags and kind of song he does. With a brother like Dbanj one would be so disappointed if he doesn't give us reasons to always turn our radio on or have his songs on our musical gadgets. He's gave us reasons to look forward to what he's got to offer music lovers right from the days of Mo'hits when the label released the C.V album. He moved on with his elder brother (who wouldn't) after the label broke the hearts of millions of Nigerians and fans across the world when their split was announced. For Kehinde Oyebanjo the one y'all know as KSWITCH, it was finally time to unclip himself and show the world at large the stuffs he's made of and what burns inside of him musically. He's blessed us with great sounds like: Sista caro, send down the rain, Owunmi, oluwa is involved, For example, momma ( a special dedication to mothers) and his recent duet with Ejanla himself (D'banj) Obi Mo. Sighting him from afar, one would ordinarily picture a very proud dude and *yimu* with *beef*  and say *shebi na bkus him na D'banj brother*,already  sentencing the humble and talented dude to death even without a fair trial. Kswitch is one of the realest artist one can ever come in contact with. With a  very infectious smile he carries around, music flows inside of him and he knows his onions very well.. Set to debut with his Mixtape before he releases his album. I asked him some thought provoking questions and he readily gave me answers after trying to pin him down for over 2weeks (A very busy dude) for this little chat

Ladies and gentlemen, 10minutes with Kswitch by Edward Fortune.


E.F: Would u accept the fact that u actually rode on your brother's back to attain ur current status?

Kswitch: Well people say all sorts of things but the most important thing here is that it is a privilege and a great fortune to be the only brother of a living legend still very relevant to the cause. Wouldn't you want to be the only brother of DBANj?

E.F: Would you say being his brother has actually been the magic behind your rise in d industry?

Kswitch: Rather I would say being ejanla's only brother has added some advantage to my continual rise in the industry. The rest is pure determination and hard work to break from the norm.

E.F:  Describe the kind of song or ur kind of music!

Kswitch: There's no particular description to my kind of music. My music is versatile. I could do just about anything in music.. For me, music is like my playground.

E.F: U have been able to carve a niche for yourself. How's the journey been so far?

Kswitch: The Journey has been quite eventful so far but more interesting because God is the one actually leading the way. (Oluwa is involved)!!! #gbam

E.F:  Which label is gonna be responsible for your album?

Kswitch: db records/ sony music.

E.F: What has being *Dbanj's brother* cost U?

Kswitch: A lot!!. Cannot even start mentioning. But everything good comes with its own price. Am grateful that's all I can say.

E.F: If u could go back and change one thing, what would u wanna change?

Kswitch: I wouldn't change a thing...God has Orchestrated everything to happen the way it was meant to happen.  You can't fight the higher plans that God has for one.

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