THOU SHALL NOT DO DRUGS!!! ARRIVING ARRIVALS: A Drug Terrorism Documentary-An insider on the menace of Drug Trafficking to the black race and the way out!!!

People who use, Traffic Cocaine, Heroin are not invincible they are people you know, your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers.
This Documentary project was setup to Educate Africans everywhere in the world including Millions of Nigerians and other African Nationals held on Drug related matters all over the World about this illicit trade of Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs occupying the World. This Documentary will Feature a Film aimed at exposing the wicked tactics of Drug Dealers worldwide in recruiting young innocent youths into the trade. Once we have the Resources for a standard Documentary, we are hitting 12 to 14 Country Prisons of the World where Nigerians have formed a new Republic, and show them on Camera.

Watch the Movie Campaign:

“International drug networks have long relied on distribution centers in Latin America to smuggle cocaine out to the rest of the world. But a less publicized, highly lucrative cocaine trade has been quietly making its way to West Africa, turning the region into a key transit hub for drug shipments en route to Europe. Operating largely with impunity, this booming cocaine trade is breeding corruption and threatening security across the region. The scourge of Africans, Nigerians especially into the illicit Trade of Drug Trafficking in the World is shocking, alarming and pathetic in all manners, Existing data indicate that approximately 10% of male, urban, African-American early adolescents report having engaged in drug trafficking, with a higher percent of youths reporting having been asked to sell drugs and/or indicating that they expect to become involved in drug trafficking. Rates increase with advancing age. Reported rates of drug trafficking are comparable with rates of tobacco and alcohol use among early adolescents and are substantially higher than use rates of illegal drugs. Drug trafficking is associated with increased mortality, accounting for one third to one half of homicide-related deaths in some studies. The practice is also associated with other health-risk behaviors, including nonfatal violence, substance use, and incarceration. Perceived social pressures by family members and/or peers to engage in drug trafficking and the belief that a youth's wage-earning potential is limited to drug trafficking are highly correlated with involvement in this activity. We have 1 million Nigerians in Prisons all over the World like a new Republic and the Drug dealing is like a new Religion to Nigerians now, in this new International dispensation of civilization. In the past years China has executed about 112 Nigerians for Drug related issues.
Today cocaine is being smuggled through every country in the region, according to a UNODC report released in October 2008. The report revealed at least 50 tons of cocaine from Latin America is entering West Africa every year, en route to Europe where the drug sells for almost US$ 2 billion on the streets. The corrupting influence of such profits – which exceed the national budgets of most West African countries – is threatening to create Africa’s first “narco-states,” where corruption infiltrates the highest levels of government and the economy depends largely on drug profits.
“The threat is spreading rapidly throughout the region, turning West Africa’s Gold Coast into the Coke Coast,” warns Antonio Maria Costa, UNODC’s Executive Director. “This is more than a drug problem – it is a threat to public health and security.”

This documentary will be shot in 9 major dangerous, drug infected Countries like: Mexico, USA, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Nigeria, South Africa, Colombia, China and more. We are shooting with the best Cinematography crew from Los-Angeles, with extras from all Countries.
The estimated budget for shooting this documentary is close to half a million US Dollars. And we plan to bring to you in visuals what will educate the World about the illicit trade of DRUGS and the menace to Africans and blacks everywhere in the world.
You can help Prevent more Africans from falling victim of this dreaded disease that has slowly eaten into the porous borders of the continent by supporting the making of the movie: ARRIVING ARRIVALS.

Support this cause to save mankind!
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Contact: 07039302997, 07046835646

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